One Grand Central Place
Security Procedures
  1. Building Identification Cards: The purpose of this card is for identification of the tenant to gain entrance into the building at all times. Cards may not be shared amongst employees or re-used without being reassigned in the system. Requests for I.D. cards must be submitted via the on-line work order system. There is a charge for all new and/or replacement cards.
  2. Inactive Cards (over 90 days) will be deactivated from the system on a quarterly basis.
  3. Visitor Pass: Tenants may pre-register visitors with Kastle Systems. To have access to pre-register visitors you must log on to for a user name and password. The visitors will then stop at the security desk, produce valid City or State identification, and then will be issued a visitor pass.
  4. Messengers & Food Vendors: Messengers, food vendors, or deliveries of any kind will not be permitted beyond the security desk after 6:00 p.m. On Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays, all delivery people will be stopped at the security desk and the tenant will be notified of his/her delivery and they will be personally responsible to come down to the lobby to sign and retrieve it.
  5. Any unknown person observed within your office should be questioned and identified. Request the nature of his/her business and whom they are there to see. WHEN IN DOUBT, NOTIFY THE BUILDING SECURITY IMMEDIATELY AT (212) 697-5739, BUILDING MANAGEMENT OFFICE AT (212) 697-0696 OR 911. Whenever reporting a breach of security, try to be as specific as possible. Describe clothing, features, location, possible destination, etc., as well as providing your name and suite number.
  6. Loitering and soliciting is prohibited in the building. Whenever loiterers are observed in the building, call the lobby and give a description to Security: sex, color, age, height, weight, and clothing. Telephone workers must provide I.D. before you allow them to work in your office space. Messengers, etc., should provide I.D. whenever picking up or delivering packages. All building employees will have their I.D. cards displayed at all times.
  7. Special care should be taken during the times best suited for pilferage: the beginning of the day, during lunch hours and 30 minutes before the closing day, and when there is a maximum amount of movement by personnel and absence from work area and offices.
  8. Outgoing Packages: It is building policy that anything being removed from One Grand Central Place is authorized by the management office. A workspeed request must be submitted by the tenant with the information of the package being removed (Who, What, When). Hand written notes will not be accepted. If something must be removed after hours or on the weekend you must enter the request before 5pm, the day before. Building Management authorization is required for packages to be allowed to be removed from the premises.